Each week, we provide changelog notes on this page giving a summary of recent significant changes to the documentation. If there haven’t been any significant changes in a given week, we don’t publish changelog notes.



  • November, 21st: Released new version 1.14.3 of the Data Integration Service with improved merge support on error handling when files can’t be fetched from disk.
  • October, 27th: Released new version 1.14.2 of the Data Integration Service with improvements to error logging.
  • October, 25th: Documentation added for session expiration.
  • October, 5th: New Android framework version 6.0.3 with security updates.
  • September, 6th: Updated Chat JS APIs with options to open a group conversation.
  • August, 5th: New Android framework version 6.0.2 with support to the SDK 31.
  • July, 20th: New iOS and Android framework version 6.0.0 released with support for the upcoming localization feature.
  • July, 7th: New iOS framework version 5.3.2 released with bugfixes for the share dialog.
  • April, 22nd: New iOS framework version 5.3.0 released with support for iOS 15.


  • Released new version 6.0.0 of the Fliplet CLI with improved support for creating tests for your components.
  • Released new version 1.14.1 of the Data Integration Service with fixes for running a push operation without a primary key.
  • New Android framework version 5.2.0 released with a bugfix for apps built with the SDK30 not properly dismissing the virtual keyboard.
  • New Android framework version 5.1.0 released with full support for SDK 30 including a bugfix for taking pictures with camera not working as expected on Android 12.
  • The new anti-virus feature has been rolled out to all customers. All files uploaded through the Media APIs will be scanned for viruses and quarantined when an infection is found.
  • New Android framework version 5.0.0 released with support for App Bundle and SDK 30.
  • New documentation page for App Actions.
  • New documentation page for the Fliplet Helper components.
  • New documentation for the isFormInvalid hook for the Form component.
  • New Android framework version 4.5.2 released with improvements for marking in-app notifications as read when push notifications are received.
  • New iOS and Android framework version 4.5.1 released with improvements for receiving push notifications and displaying notification badges on the home screen.
  • New JS API available to integrate your apps with payments via Stripe.
  • New iOS and Android framework version 4.5.0 released to add support for reading push notification settings (e.g. badge, sound and alert).
  • Added new documentation page for public JS APIs for the Email Verification.
  • Added new documentation page for rate limiting when using APIs.
  • Added public JS APIs for accessing the device biometrics.
  • Added public JS APIs for accessing Organization audit logs.
  • Added new page for APIs related to Upcoming features.