Each week, we provide changelog notes on this page giving a summary of recent significant changes to the documentation. If there haven’t been any significant changes in a given week, we don’t publish changelog notes.

November 2022

November 21st

  • Released new version 1.14.3 of the Data Integration Service with improved merge support on error handling when files can’t be fetched from disk.

October 2022

October 27th

October 25th

October 5th

  • New Android framework version 6.0.3 with security updates.

September 2022

September 6th

August 2022

August 5th

  • New Android framework version 6.0.2 with support to the SDK 31.

July 2022

July 20th

  • New iOS and Android framework version 6.0.0 released with support for the upcoming localization feature.

July 7th

  • New iOS framework version 5.3.2 released with bugfixes for the share dialog.

April 2022

April 22nd

  • New iOS framework version 5.3.0 released with support for iOS 15.

December 2021

December 23rd

  • Released new version 6.0.0 of the Fliplet CLI with improved support for creating tests for your components.

November 2021

November 3rd

  • Released new version 1.14.1 of the Data Integration Service with fixes for running a push operation without a primary key.

October 2021

October 19th

  • New Android framework version 5.2.0 released with a bugfix for apps built with the SDK30 not properly dismissing the virtual keyboard.

September 2021

September 20th

  • New Android framework version 5.1.0 released with full support for SDK 30 including a bugfix for taking pictures with camera not working as expected on Android 12.

September 1st

  • The new anti-virus feature has been rolled out to all customers. All files uploaded through the Media APIs will be scanned for viruses and quarantined when an infection is found.

August 2021

August 3rd

  • New Android framework version 5.0.0 released with support for App Bundle and SDK 30.

July 2021

July 20th

June 2021

June 23rd

June 9th

  • New documentation for the isFormInvalid hook for the Form component.

April 2021

April 16th

  • New Android framework version 4.5.2 released with improvements for marking in-app notifications as read when push notifications are received.

March 2021

March 18th

  • New iOS and Android framework version 4.5.1 released with improvements for receiving push notifications and displaying notification badges on the home screen.

March 10th

March 4th

February 2021

February 18th

February 14th

February 11th

January 2021

January 24th

January 15th

December 2020

December 14th

  • New iOS framework version 4.3.0 released to improve support for push notifications.

December 8th

November 2020

November 17th

October 2020

October 1st

  • Released new version 1.11.0 of the Data Integration Service with support for case-insensitive primary key, log verbosity and absolute paths on the Windows service.

September 2020

September 17th

  • New iOS framework version 4.2.2 released and fixed an issue that caused clipboard warnings to be triggered when user revisits an app.

September 15th

  • New iOS framework version 4.2.1 released with support for clearing the splash screen cache on app startup.

August 2020

August 18th

  • New redesigned layout for the developers website

August 7th

  • New Android framework release (version 4.2.0) to increase target SDK to 29 (Android 10) and disable back-ups for improved security.

July 2020

July 14th

June 2020

June 23rd

June 15th

May 2020

May 28th

  • Added support for merging data source entries when in sync with the Data Integration Service via the new merge: true option.

May 26th

May 11th

May 6th

April 2020

April 22nd

April 8th

  • New documentation for running aggregation queries on Data Sources using the built-in Mingo library.

April 6th

April 1st

  • Documentation for the List from data source component updated with the following:
    • New comment related hooks
    • New search input related hooks
    • New comment related query parameters

March 2020

March 31st

March 17th

March 3rd

  • Added new documentation page to list out available JavaScript assets in Fliplet Apps.
  • Added new documentation page for defining Data Source Views.

February 2020

February 24th

  • Documentation for the List from data source component updated with new options for the flListDataBeforeRenderList and flListDataAfterRenderList hooks.

February 19th

  • Released new version of our native framework for iOS apps with dropped UIWebView support following Apple’s deprecation notice and updated InAppBrowser Cordova plugin to its latest version.

February 14th

February 6th

  • New examples on the documentation for the beforeFormSubmit hook of the Form component.
  • Added new method to programmatically submit a form built via the Form component.

January 2020

January 31st

January 24th

  • Documentation for configuring the Data Integration Service with Sharepoint.
  • New hooks for the Chart component.
  • Documentation page to explain the Infrastructure Data Flow of the Fliplet platform.

January 17th

January 10th

  • Documentation page for the Fliplet.Helper JS API.
  • General improvements to the guidelines and example on the Output of components page used when developing custom components for Fliplet apps.

January 6th

December 2019

December 27th

December 20th

  • Documentation for the new field.options method available in the Form JS APIs component.
  • General improvements to the Native framework changelog page.