Documentation Changelog

Each week, we provide changelog notes on this page giving a summary of recent significant changes to the documentation. If there haven’t been any significant changes in a given week, we don’t publish changelog notes.

June 2020

June 23rd

June 15th

May 2020

May 28th

  • Added support for merging data source entries when in sync with the Data Integration Service via the new merge: true option.

May 26th

May 11th

May 6th

April 2020

April 22nd

April 8th

  • New documentation for running aggregation queries on Data Sources using the built-in Mingo library.

April 6th

April 1st

  • Documentation for the List from data source component updated with the following:
    • New comment related hooks
    • New search input related hooks
    • New comment related query parameters

March 2020

March 31st

March 17th

March 3rd

  • Added new documentation page to list out available JavaScript assets in Fliplet Apps.
  • Added new documentation page for defining Data Source Views.

February 2020

February 24th

  • Documentation for the List from data source component updated with new options for the flListDataBeforeRenderList and flListDataAfterRenderList hooks.

February 19th

  • Released new version of our native framework for iOS apps with dropped UIWebView support following Apple’s deprecation notice and updated InAppBrowser Cordova plugin to its latest version.

February 14th

February 6th

  • New examples on the documentation for the beforeFormSubmit hook of the Form builder.
  • Added new method to programmatically submit a form built via the Form builder.

January 2020

January 31st

January 24th

  • Documentation for configuring the Data Integration Service with Sharepoint.
  • New hooks for the Chart component.
  • Documentation page to explain the Infrastructure Data Flow of the Fliplet platform.

January 17th

January 10th

  • Documentation page for the Fliplet.Helper JS API.
  • General improvements to the guidelines and example on the Output of components page used when developing custom components for Fliplet apps.

January 6th

December 2019

December 27th

December 20th

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