Reduce your app’s size

If you’re app’s bundle is too big, most likely you’re including too many assets in its package and actions must be taken to reduce its size and allow the app to be submitted to the App Store or Google Play.

Navigate to the App settings » Launch assets section in Fliplet Studio and you’ll find a section for blacklisting assets.

Rules are defined as a JSON array of objects like [ { rule1 }, { rule2 }, { rule3 } ]. Each rule requires a type as described below in the examples.

Example 1: skip any PDF file from being bundled and also the media file with ID 123

  { "type": "contentType", "value": "application/pdf" },
  { "type": "mediaFile", "value": 123 }


Blacklisting by file content type

{ "type": "contentType", "value": "application/pdf" }

Blacklisting by file extension

{ "type": "extension", "value": "pdf" }

Blacklisting by media file ID

{ "type": "mediaFile", "value": 123 }

Advanced usage

Blacklist an array of values

The value field can also accept an array of values to be matched by “OR”:

  { "type": "mediaFile", "value": [123, 456, 789] },
  { "type": "extension", "value": ["doc", "docx"] },
  { "type": "contentType", "value": ["application/pdf"] }
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