Embracing Open Source with Fliplet

Embracing Open Source with Fliplet

At Fliplet, we firmly believe in the power of open-source software and the collaborative development it promotes. We’re thrilled to share that our software embodies this belief, offering developers like you multiple avenues to access and leverage our open-source code.

Access open source code at Fliplet’s GitHub

Fliplet’s GitHub repository is the treasure trove for our open-source offerings. Here, you’ll find the codebase for all our components, the Data Integration Service, and some segments of our software. We encourage you to explore these repositories to understand the mechanics of our offerings, draw inspiration, or perhaps, contribute your own expertise to improve them.

Pre-built app solutions with custom code

Within Fliplet Studio, you gain access to pre-built app solutions, many of which include custom code. These ready-to-use solutions, coupled with the power of Fliplet Studio’s developer tools, allow you to customize the apps to suit your specific requirements, making the development process smooth and efficient.

Fliplet’s screen templates

The journey to building impactful applications also takes you through Fliplet’s screen templates available in Fliplet Studio. In addition to offering design flexibility, these templates often include code, giving you a closer look at the underlying mechanisms that make the templates function seamlessly.

Community code examples

The Fliplet community is a thriving platform that features various code examples that you can use. This peer-led resource hub allows you to leverage shared expertise and use code snippets directly in your app development process.

Developer documentation and code examples

Our developer documentation serves as a comprehensive guide, including numerous examples of code that customers can copy and use in their apps. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or seeking inspiration for a new feature, our documentation has got you covered.

Add your own code and libraries

The ability to customize is one of the key strengths of Fliplet. Using Fliplet Studio’s developer tools, you can add your own code, include libraries you’ve created, or use existing libraries. It’s important to note that your code and intellectual property rights remain entirely yours. The code you write is private and specific to you, and Fliplet does not retain any rights over it.

With Fliplet, we aim to provide you with the tools and resources you need to develop unique, high-quality apps. We invite you to sign up for a free Fliplet account, explore the wide array of resources in Fliplet Studio, and immerse yourself in our GitHub repositories.

Remember, the best of development often comes from collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. So, don’t forget to share these resources with your fellow developers. Together, let’s shape the future of app development with Fliplet.