Fliplet URLs and IP Addresses

Fliplet URLs and IP Addresses

Fliplet Studio, Fliplet Web Apps and Fliplet Agent (Data Integration Service) requires connectivity to the Internet. Fliplet Apps also require connectivity in order to get app updates and communicate with our systems. The endpoints below should be reachable for customers using our services behind a company firewall.

Fliplet does not suggest whitelisting a set of static IP addresses to allow traffic for an app.

In order to optimize the network path between an end user and a Fliplet app, end users on different ISPs or geographic locations might use different IP addresses to access the same Fliplet app. DNS might return different IP addresses to access a Fliplet App over time or from different network locations.

Note that using static IP address filtering is not considered a safe and effective means of protection. For example, an attacker could set up a malicious Fliplet app which could share the same IP address range as your app. Instead, we suggest that you take a defense in depth approach using Single-Sign-On (e.g. SAML2).

In regards to ports, you must allow traffic for TCP ports 80 and 443.

URL-based whitelisting

URLs for all Fliplet Services

Fliplet Studio, Fliplet Web and Native apps as well as Fliplet Agent (Data Integration Service) make use of the following URLs:

  • api.fliplet.com
  • cdn.fliplet.com
  • cdn.api.fliplet.com

US customers will also need to whitelist the following domains:

  • us.api.fliplet.com
  • us.cdn.fliplet.com
  • us.cdn.api.fliplet.com

Additional URLs for Fliplet webapps

  • apps.fliplet.com

US customers will also need to whitelist the following domain:

  • us-apps.fliplet.com

Additional URLs for Fliplet Studio

  • studio.fliplet.com

IP-based whitelisting

Please note that the following list may change over time. We regularly update our IP ranges hence IP-based whitelisting is not recommended.

IPs for all Fliplet Services

Additional IPs for US customers