Get the current user’s organizations list

Fliplet.Organizations.get().then(function (organizations) {


Audit logs

Use the logs JS API to fetch audit logs for an organization.

Optional parameters:

  • type: String or Array of strings (see list of available types)
  • appId: Number (ID) - the ID of the target app to filter logs for
  • sessionId: Number (ID) - this is shown in the “About this app” overlay as “Device ID”
  • fields: Array of strings
  • startDate: ISODATE String
  • endDate: ISODATE String
  • sort: String (column name: id, createdAt, type; defaults to createdAt)
  • order: String (ASC or DESC; defaults to DESC)
  • limit: Number (defaults to 50, max 500)
  • offset: Number
  • format (json or csv; defaults to json)
// Get the latest 50 audit logs
Fliplet.Organizations.Logs.get().then(function(response) {

Note that the following types are filtered out by default since they are primarily used for analytics:,, app.view, app.update,

Here’s an example providing all optional parameters:

  format: 'csv',
  type: ['app.settings.update', 'app.create'],
  fields: ['id', 'type', 'data'],
  appId: 123,
  sessionId: 456,
  startDate: '2022-01-01',
  endDate: '2022-12-31 23:59:59',
  sort: 'createdAt',
  order: 'DESC',
  limit: 10,
  offset: 0
}).then(function(response) {


Get the current organization settings

  .then(function (settings) {
    // Your code

Extend the current settings

  user: 'foo',
  _password: 'bar' // Settings with an underscore prefix "_" will be encrypted
  .then(function(settings) {
    // Code to run when it completes

Get a setting

  .then(function (value) {
    // Your code

Check if a setting is set

  .then(function(isSet) {
    if (isSet) {
      // Your code

Unset a setting

  .then(function (currentSettings) {
    // Your code


Set or update the list of blacklisted extensions for file uploads

Run the snippet below in a Fliplet Studio app preview frame while you’re logged in as an organization admin to set up a new policy blacklisting as list of file extensions for all media files upload.

Fliplet.Organizations.get().then(function (organizations) {
  return Fliplet.API.request({
    method: 'POST',
    url: 'v1/organizations/' + _.first(organizations).id + '/policy',
    data: {
      blacklistedFileExtensions: ['exe', 'jar', 'sfx', 'bat', 'cmd', 'com']

Here’s a list of the default blacklisted extensions we have in place: exe, jar, sfx, bat, cmd, com, pyw, php, raw, py, pyc, ps1, ps2, pyo, jnlp, gz, appref-ms, udl, wsb, website, theme, webpnp, xll, pif, application, msi, msp, scr, vb, jse, ws, wsf, wsc, wsh, msh, scf, lnk, inf, reg.

Note: updating the policy may require Studio users of your organization to update their password to ensure it's up to date with any other policy set up on your organization (e.g. security or password policies).