App Subscriptions REST APIs

App Subscriptions REST APIs

The App Subscriptions REST APIs allows you to read and manage your app’s users subscribed via push notifications.

Note: This RESTful API is intended to be used by 3rd party software such as external integrations. If you're using this in a Fliplet App, please use the Notifications JS APIs instead.


Get a list of users subscribed to your app for push notifications

GET v1/apps/:id/subscriptions

Sample cURL request:

curl -H "Auth-token: eu--abcdef123456" ""

Response (Status code: 200 OK):

  "subscriptions": [
      "appId": 123,
      "createdAt": "2018-11-26T14:06:03.637Z",
      "device": "Apple iPhone7,2",
      "id": 5,
      "ipAddress": "123.456.789.123",
      "platform": "native",
      "token": "51c1d1db7988be0cb819dcc50747c930c566e25899619b0fd38d5b5bbb394355",
      "updatedAt": "2018-11-26T14:06:03.637Z",
      "userId": 456,
      "uuid": "07F06C8F-1485-4BF3-BAA8-CEE2D1B8EEB7"

Note: all "DateTime" values such as the ones contained in the createdAt and updatedAt fields use the ISO 8601 (UTC timezone) format.