Publishing components, themes and menus

Publishing components, themes and menus

Please note: by default, the CLI is using the production environment. You can change it using the env command, like fliplet env staging (dev, staging, production).

Publishing your work on the Fliplet platform is done via the CLI command publish as follows:

cd my-awesome-component
fliplet publish

The command needs to be run in the root folder for the component that’s to be published.

Windows users: the publish command must be run as an administrator in order for it to work.

Login with your account

Publishing requires you to log in against your Fliplet Studio account:

fliplet login

The above command will ask for your email and password. Once successfully authenticated, you will be able to publish components, themes and menus on Fliplet.

$ fliplet login

Please type your Fliplet Studio login details.
prompt: email:
prompt: password:  ***********

Logged in successfully. You can now publish widgets.

Set your organization

Furthermore, in order for you to publish you have to set a target organizationId for your component.

First, read your organizations (once you have logged in):

$ fliplet list-organizations

Requesting up to date organizations list from the server...

• 123: Sample organization

Then, simply set which organization you want to use:

$ fliplet organization 123

Organization set.


You are now ready to publish components, themes and menus on Fliplet:

fliplet publish