Fetch data and keep it cached for future calls

This feature allows you to run an operation (even asynchronously) and store its result so that future calls to the function will instantly resolve the Promise instead of waiting for the result.

If the data is already in cache at the time of running the call, your promise will be resolved instantly. However, when the cache is about to expire (if an expiration has been set) it will automatically attempt to renew the cache in background.

Promise<result> Fliplet.Cache.get(<string|object>, <function>)

Fliplet.Cache.get('foo', function () {
  return { bar: 1 };
}).then(function (result) {


Here’s a more complete example including all options:

  key: 'foo',         // unique name
  platform: 'native', // only cache on native
  expire: 60 * 10     // keep cache for 10 minutes
}, function onFetchData() {
  // Function to be called when data does not exist in the cache and needs to be fetched.
  // Return a promise if your operation is asynchronous.
  return Fliplet.API.request({
    url: 'v1/something'
}).then(function (result) {
  // This promise will resolve instantly if the data is already cached

Clear cache for one or more keys

Use the remove method to clear a single key from the cache. Likewise, use the clear method to remove all keys at once.

// Clear a single value

// Clear everything for this app