Developers Documentation

Developers Documentation

Customize your apps with our low code technologies

Welcome to the Fliplet developers documentation website. Here you can learn how to extend your Fliplet Apps, create new components, themes and menus.

Start by having a look at our JS API documentation to learn how to interact with our core framework and components to extend your apps.

Write code that works on any device and platform

Fliplet allows you to code once and have your app fully function on all the platforms we support, including iOS, Android and Web.

Stop worrying about compatibility and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Just focus on coding!

Integrate with on-prem data

Use our open-source Data Integration Service software to fetch data from your on-prem infrastructure and integrate a secure login system to your apps using Single Sign-On with SAML2 or other identity providers. The choice is yours!

Create complex workflows

Start with a simple proof-of-concept, then start leveraging our technology to virtually built anything else!

We have a JS API for any occasion, give it a read and find out how easy is to get started.

JavaScript API Documentation

Learn how to use our SDK and enrich apps within seconds.

REST API Documentation

Integrate your backend with our easy-to-use RESTful APIs.

To get a brief introduction to the technologies we use and the stack of the platform, we recommend having a quick read at the Introduction to the platform page of the documentation.

Upcoming and newly released features

Here’s a short list of requested features that are coming up on our platform in the near future or have just been released.

Available to all customers

App Actions

Learn how App Actions allow you to define scheduled automations for your app screens.

Open beta


Learn how to use and integrate AI (Artificial Intellicence) capabilities to your apps.