Developers Documentation

Welcome to the developers documentation for the Fliplet Platform. Here you can learn how to extend your Fliplet Apps and also how to create new components, themes and menus.

JavaScript API Documentation

Learn how to use our SDK and enrich apps within seconds.

REST API Documentation

Integrate your backend with our easy-to-use RESTful APIs.

To get a brief introduction to the technologies we use and the stack of the platform, we recommend having a quick read at the Introduction to the platform page of the documentation.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the platform
  2. Building components
  3. Publishing
  4. Testing
  5. Working with your components
  6. JS API Documentation
  7. REST API Documentation
  8. UI Guidelines
  9. Theme variables
  10. Advanced documentation
  11. Platform-specific advanced functionalities
  12. Integrations
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