Audio Player JS APIs

Audio Player JS APIs


Add the fliplet-audio-player dependency to your screen or app dependencies.


Add the following HTML to your screen.

<div data-title="The title of your audio file" data-audio-url="https://path/to/file.mp3"></div>

The HTML tag will be automatically detected by the framework on screen load and the audio player UI will be initialized.

If you need to add more tags at runtime, simply run Fliplet.Media.Audio.Player.init() to convert any new tag into an audio player.


  • data-audio-url (Required) URL to the audio file
  • data-title Add a title to the bottom of the audio player UI
  • data-disable-download Users can download and cache the audio file on their devices for native apps. To disable the file download, add the data-disable-download attribute to the HTML tag.

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