Database JS APIs

Note: this is a beta version for early adopters. Features might change without notice before the stable release.

Opening a local JSON file as database

Fliplet.Database('dataSources.db').then(function (db) {
  return db.dataSource(2).find();
}).then(function (results) {


The JSON file must declare keys for each collection (or dataSource):

    "1": [ { "id": 123, "name": "John" }, { "id": 456, "name": "Emma" } ],
    "2": [ { "id": 789, "name": "Alex" }, { "id": 912, "name": "Nick" } ]

The db object exposes a dataSource() public method which requires a valid top-level key from the JSON.

The latter method returns an object with two public methods:

  • find(query) Returns an array of results. Query using Sift.js operators.
  • findById(id) Returns a single record by its ID

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