Query parameters

Use the following query parameters when linking to a screen with accordions.

  • action Set to openAccordion to open a specific accordion on the target screen.
  • title The accordion title to match and open (Optional)
  • index The index of accordion that you want to open, where 0 is the first one. (Default: 0)
  • groupIndex The group of accordion that you want to specify. Use this to apply the index within a specific group. If this is not used, the index parameter will be used to target an accordion relative to the entire screen. (Optional)
  • scroll (true|false) If true, users will be scrolled to the opened accordion. (Default: false)


Open the 1st accordion


Open and scroll to the 2nd accordion of the 2nd accordion group


Open all accordions with title “Foo bar” and scrolls to the first match


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